About the Film

A film by writer-director Katherine Nero, For the Cause intertwines history, justice, love and family into a thought-provoking drama that examines the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement.  At the heart of the story is the issue of trust and how the lack of it impacts individuals, families and communities. 

For the Cause was shot on location in Chicago during the summer of 2012.  It debuted the following year at the Black Harvest Film Festival in August 2013. The film was awarded “Outstanding Film of the Year” by the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago and nominated for “Best Family Drama” at the Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival.  For the Cause also received the 2014 Paul Robeson Awards Honorable Mention for a Long Narrative from the Newark Black Film Festival. 


Upon her recent victory in winning the release of a wrongfully convicted man, Mirai Scott (Charlette Speigner), a Chicago civil rights attorney, is contacted by her estranged father, Rolly Spencer (Eugene Parker), a former Black Panther who went underground 30 years earlier to avoid prosecution. Recently captured and extradited, Rolly is charged with the attempted murder of a policeman.  At first Mirai refuses to take his case, but her curiosity about her parents’ relationship is aroused when her usually blunt mother, Fredi Scott (Shariba Rivers), refuses to talk about what happened between her and Mirai’s father during their days in the Party.  Believing this to be an opportunity to fill in some blanks about the past and perhaps address some of her own relationship and trust issues, Mirai changes her mind and decides to take her father’s case. Long-held hostilities and accusations explode – unearthing long-buried wrongs and deceptions – as Mirai aggressively pursues her father’s defense.